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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Story.

Something huge for me happened today and it has inspired me to share my story. I recently became more active in the church of latter-day saints and I am asked on a daily basis, "why now?" "What changed?" "How did you do it?" So I decided that I want to share a condensed version of my story.

I was raised LDS but we were never active. I was baptized but my mom and I never went to church. Naturally I fell away from the church and wasn't making the best decisions. And for whatever reason I just decided one day that I wanted to be around better influences and start going back to church. I moved away and wasn't making all the same bad decisions but I still hadn't gone to church, I wasn't sure how to even find out about it. Finally when I moved back home, my bishop of my singles ward kept "stopping" by, of course every time he did I wasn't home. Luckily one time I was home! It happened to be a Saturday morning and I just so happened to be wearing a tank top and shorts (that I had slept in) and I was beyond embarrassed to be meeting my bishop being dressed the way I was. My bishop was so very nice which made me eager to go, he told me when and where my ward met and said he couldn't wait to see me. Then I realized I had a dilemma  I was too afraid to go to church alone. I didn't know anyone and I don't even know all that much about the church. Eventually a couple weeks later I built up the courage to go. I went and it was so scary, but also so very worth the anxiety. I made an appointment with my bishop, which was nerve-wracking because I knew I needed to repent. Surprisingly, I was comfortable about it and by January I received my temple recommend and even got the opportunity to receive my patriarchal blessing.  I've been going to church every single week since and I cannot put into words how amazing it has been. Although there have still been times of struggle, I have changed for the better and I could not be more grateful.
I don't drink or even go to parties.
I have no desire to do anything unacceptable with boys.
I don't even listen to certain types of music.
I stopped drinking coffee and tea.
I do my best not to swear.
I now don't even buy clothes unless I could wear them after going through the temple. <--- by far the hardest thing yet.

Not that I have am getting married anytime soon or going on a mission, I just figured why not make it easier on myself when the time comes. It's something I am still working on (starting since Nov 2012) and not really something I even need to do at this point in my life. But I chose to. Because frankly for me if I am going to be active I am going to live it.

I'm sure you're all wondering what the big thing is that happened to me today. I BORE MY TESTIMONY IN CHURCH!! I have never ever done this in my life. I absolutely hate talking in front of people (usually I cry regardless of where I'm speaking) I am still shocked and so proud of myself for doing this. I never thought that I would ever have the courage to do this. I mean, I have told people my story, but I've never gotten up in front of people and it felt absolutely amazing. I've always pictured it in my head but I never actually had the courage to do it. Today that changed, all thanks to somebody else's testimony. He hadn't been to church in four years, or stayed for all the sessions and the spirit was so strong for him that he got up in front of everyone and bore his testimony. It was so incredible and I have to thank him for giving me the courage and inspiration to do such a thing. I figured if he can do it, so can I. Afterwards there was a mingle and over 20 people came up to me telling me that my testimony, my words, had an impact on them. I didn't even know that was possible. Thinking about it makes me grin ear to ear like a goofball. People I have never even met or talked to had been influenced by me. This is so amazing. Especially because I become shy at church, anywhere else I'm as outgoing and could go up to anybody. I am so thankful for this gospel and the fact that my heavenly father will be there for me no matter how many mistakes I've made in the past. I know that it does not matter where I have been, it only matter where I am now and where I intend on going. If any of you would like to hear more about my journey and why I have decided to come back to the church PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am more than willing to share. And I'd love to hear your stories to. I found a video by Al Fox that actually fit perfectly and thought I should share!!

XOXO-Lexi Collins


  1. Alright lovely, lady. My name is Amanda. I THINK I went to your high school...maybe? Anyways, I literally just read every post on your blog and fell in love. haha! You have the sweetest heart and I am so excited & happy that you and your heart were converted. You seem like such an amazing girl. Isn't having the spirit as a constant companion AMAZING? Keep it up. I'm so excited to read more about your life. And hjey. You haven't posted in a little bit. Get on that, girl! haha.

    1. Amanda I just saw this and seriously you've made my day! I am beginning a new post now!! :) I went to Alta, is that where you went???

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, I serve in the YW, Girls like YOU are an inspiration to Me!