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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Step Towards Modesty.

It's getting to be that time of year again where the weather is warming up and the options in my closet are seeming to be less and less. I say this because last summer I chose to start dressing more modestly. Little by little I started getting rid of everything in my closet that I could not make modest. This was HUGE for me because if any of you know me you know that I am big into fashion, modeling and I also work at Hollister. Giving up my short shorts and crop tops was a big step, I have even gone as far as investing into multiple one pieces! That's right MULTIPLE....I never ever thought that I would be caught dead in a one piece or tankini but now that I've owned one I think they are so fun! Don't get me wrong I will always have my bikinis (currently at about 20ish bikinis) but I've began to love my one pieces (currently owning 5 or so). There wasn't really a legit reason for me doing this, I'm not going on a mission, I'm not getting married and even my bishop told me that modesty is one of those things that I don't need to put too much stress into because I have yet to take those sacred covenants, regardless of this I decided it's something I wanted to do. Although I am far from perfect and am not completely modest 24/7 (for example when work req. wearing shorts, etc.), modesty is something that I value a lot. Dressing modestly helps me to have confidence, it has opened up possibilities of attracting the right kind of guys and also makes it easier to dress modestly on a day-to-day basis. I figure when I do make those sacred covenants in the temple it will allow the transition to become much easier.

Dressing modestly has blessed my life for many reasons, the reasons mentioned above, along with being blessed with the spirit! I've noticed a huge difference in being able to recognize and feel the spirit! The little things really make the biggest impact!

I wanted to help inspire others to take a step towards modesty, even if it's just a little one, so I am having a giveaway! Not just a little giveaway but a huge giveaway! The winner will be able to take that step towards modesty by winning some way cute things from an amazing company called Winsome Jones! They have THE cutest modest clothing. I purchased my first modest skirt from their website and tend to be a frequent shopper.

Here's to taking a step towards modesty! Follow instructions below to win!

Winner will receive:
 1 Floral Print Shirt
 1 Navy Midi Skirt with Bowtie Belt
^^^^^It even has POCKETS!!

This cute pink/gold necklace

& also a $10 gift card

In order to win: 'subscribe' to my blog, 'like' Miss LC  on Facebook, 'follow' @_miss_lc on instagram & leave a comment on the photo posted below (either on my fb page OR instagram) explaining: How taking a step to dressing modestly will affect your life, along with your preferred sizes (FloralShirt:S-L, Skirt:S-L).

****If you're a guy wanting to win for your girl do everything the same except comment on this blog explaining what your girl dressing modestly means to you!

All steps must be completed in order to win!
Questions? Feel free to Contact Me
Winner will be announced on April 30th, 2014!!!!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Humming along.

So lately I've been finding myself humming hymns more often than not. It's silly to me because I recognize and can hum a hymn but have no idea what the words are! I discovered that I created a new habit, whenever I am trying to get certain thoughts out of my head (anything from temptation to a thought from the past) I think of I am a child of god or hum a tune of a hymn. It got me thinking, I am in a sense subcountiously inviting the spirit in because I was in need of it. Hymns invite the spirit and I was doing just that. It really surprises me how something so simple can make such a big impact! I want to challenge you! The next time you are faced with a temptation or simply feel like you might need to feel the spirit, hum a hymn! Do your best to just focus on that and nothing else, it helps! I want you all to try it and let me know how it goes!

Also on a side note, did you know pandora has a station for Lds hymns?!? There are some beautiful piano pieces on that station!

Ok ok so I'm sure you're all wondering what my announcement is...........
On my next blog post I'm going to be doing a huge giveaway! So make sure to watch for it and follow for your chance to win! :)

Until then, keep humming along!