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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This has been a post that I've been wanting for write for quite a while now. I was in stake conference some time ago and Elder Tom L. Perry spoke. He mentioned something that stuck with me and stayed in my heart. He spoke about how there has been a lot of talk about women wanting the priesthood in the church. He talked about how women and men have very important responsibilities in the home.Men are entitled to the priesthood and women are entitled to being mothers. The responsibility of replenishing the earth, being a mother and raising children is God's greatest gift. God gave the priesthood to men in order for them to do their part involving God's greatest gift, protection. Eternal marriage allows the priesthood to be in the home and hearts of mothers everywhere, it allows men to live up to one of their many amazing responsibilities of protecting themselves, their families, their wives and their children.

This stuck in my heart because it is so true. See, growing up, I never had the priesthood in my home, there was never someone around who held the priesthood. I think this is a part of why I appreciate and value it so much. The power to be blessed and protected. I never really had that, I now know years later that it is something that I desire to have in my future home. I am so very grateful for the priesthood. One day I was reading through Moroni and all throughout chapters 1-5 I gained an all new appreciation for the priesthood, reading through these chapters allowed me to gain knowledge that I hadn't had previously. I still have a lot to learn and technically I still don't know a lot when it comes to the priesthood and all it in-tells but from what I do know I know it is something to be thankful for. Especially recently, I have been going through a lot and struggling more with certain trials than I'd like to be, I was fortunate enough to ask one of my closest friends, who is actually more like a brother for a blessing. If he didn't have the priesthood I wouldn't be able to have been given the blessing that I was in need of.

I found an amazing quote I'd like to share:
"We must be men that women can trust, that children can trust,  that god can trust."
-Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Personally I think the last part is the most important, being men that god can trust in. If every guy strived just a little bit to live up to this quote I think we would have uncountable numbers of amazing men in today's world. The priesthood holds a very appreciative part of my heart, I think sometimes it can be taken for granted and that saddens me because it is something I find to be such an amazing blessing. I cannot wait to have a home where the priesthood is involved, where protection is there, I know that it is something to be valued. Right now I may not know much about where my life is headed or where my heart will end up, but I do know that if I am lucky, I will have the priesthood in my future home.

XOXO- Lexi Collins