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Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Simply Amazing!

So I  have a crazy experience that I need to write down! "We got a lot to learn, god knows we're worth it." This song made me think of what I experienced. On Saturday I went to Summer Jams with some friends and met some awesome people. Mainly it was me, my friend Ceciley & two guys. We went to a party where there was alcohol and because Ceciley and I do not drink the boys decided to not drink as well. The boy I was hanging out with had been drinking earlier and when he noticed I wasn't drinking he decided to stop. I told him I didn't mind and he could if he wanted to because it didn't offend me and he still decided to not drink. This was super impressive to me. It made me have a lot of respect for both of the guys. We went to a park after and Ceciley was off talking to her guy and I was talking to the one I was with. We talked about so much. Mainly about how he wanted to stop drinking and asked how I did it. He asked if I did it because I was LDS and I let him know that I did it for my own personal reasons and the church only helped support in my decision. I told him how I have come back to the church and how my life has been so blessed since. He asked about the church and I did my best to explain. He said "But I've done some things that aren't the best." I told him that with being LDS you can be forgiven for all of that, and repent, our heavenly father loves everyone and nobody is perfect. I then explained how I have made mistakes and have some things that I need to repent for. I let him know that I am still learning myself. He said it's scary to him. And I could not relate more. I have started all over, staying away from friends who do not have the same beliefs. It hasn't been the easiest. And I understand. Going to church is intimidating. I feel like I should know a lot more than I do. I told him that. Having a best friend like Ceciley has helped me SO much. She is honestly one of the most inspiring people. She has made me want to be a better person, honestly I can say she is the most amazing person I have ever met. I usually don't go around telling people about my religion but this was different. I felt like I just knew what to say, I was comfortable talking with him. And that NEVER happens. I feel like even if everything I was saying wasn't perfect, it felt that way. It felt amazing to bare my testimony in a sense, I've never really done that before. It felt so good. The boys decided to go to church with Cec and I the next day. In Sunday school we were talking about the book of Alma and how he was not perfect and was able to come to the church. I swear that every single thing I had mentioned the night before somehow came up in church. The spirit was so unbelievably strong. I'm not sure if he noticed what I had mentioned was mentioned in church but I definitely did. And I can say it was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had. After church we went to the boys' house, changed into sweats and made cookies. As we were leaving the house I heard "So we'll see you at church next Sunday" it came from the boys and Ceciley and I were shocked. It was awesome. I'm not sure how this gospel works but I do know that it is inspirational and amazing and so many other things. I love going to church and learning. I love letting others know how I feel about the church. And I love experiences like these. I have them everyday more and more and I am so thankful. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways! I'm just lucky to be able to recognize some of the ways in which he works. It's simply just amazing!

This picture is honestly amazing<3 Ties it all together. Every person sins differently. Some sin a little, others sin a lot. It does not matter. The Savior does not judge us by where we have been, he only judges us by where we are going.

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