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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Unexpected.

Something happened last summer that was completely unexpected. I became obsessed with one pieces. Just a little backstory, I've always thought one pieces were hideous, I own about 32 bikinis and when I had to buy a one piece in order to hot tub at my apartment complex in Provo I was mad.

But then I found a retro one piece & fell in love. It made me look tall, it was modest & unexpectedly I felt confident & even sexy in it. That's the key, you've got to find a one piece that you feel good in, otherwise there is no point. Don't get me wrong I still wear bikinis but the fact that I have the option to choose a one piece that I look good in is awesome. A lot of people have opinions when it comes to swim suits & modesty. Heres my two cents....I've always believed that what I wear does not define how modest I am as a person. But I found that I was in a couple of situations where I was super glad that I was wearing a one piece. For example, when I was wake surfing in bear lake with a bunch of guys. I don't know about you but when I'm in a bikini sometimes the top or bottom have a mind of their own...and nobody wants to be searching for their bikini in a lake around a bunch of guys! haha

I got the chance to team up with RAD Swim & they have THE cutest one pieces & tankinis! Check them out! Trust me on this one, go out & find a single one piece that you feel confident in & buy it. You won't regret it!

If you have some swimmers you'd like photos of in Hawaii (modeled by me and photographed on another model by me) send an email to I'm looking to collaborate with some swim companies!

Photos taken by: Addison Jones

Swimsuit: Rad Swim

Last but not least the WINNER of the Kylie Lip Kit Giveaway is: Chloe Bennett

Email me to claim your kit!! 




  1. I always keep at least ONE one piece that I enjoy wearing, because sometimes I just don't want to be wearing a 2 piece if I know I'll be chasing after the kids in the pool or what have you. If I'm going to be relaxing by the pool with a nice drink, I do like a 2 piece. I love these one pieces you've shared here, esp. the first one!


  2. ooh I love their suits too! so pretty with the fringe!
    - Jensyn

  3. The colors on the first one are lovely! Sooo perfect for summer!

  4. OMG the same thing happened to me. All I want now is one piece swim suits!

  5. So cute!! Love your one pieces! I wish I could pull them off!


  6. such cute pieces! I love the first one! pinned it!

    stop by and chat with me ♥

  7. These are so cute on you!! Makes me so excited for summer!!!



  8. I have the rainbow swim from RAD! It is so cute!