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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Necessities of de-stressing.

I have SO many exciting things coming up! And with exciting things comes stress. I am taking off to Hawaii today for some much needed relaxation! I'm the type of person that is always busy, always planning things and always saying yes. Sometimes it can become a bit daunting doing it all. Which lead me to decide I'm going to do my best to de-stress on my trip to Hawaii, so I came up with a couple of necessities in order to de-stress on vacation:

-Don't worry about what you have to do after your vacation, while you're on vacation-
There's nothing worse than coming home from a vacation feeling like you didn't get a vacation at all because you were too busy worrying about what you have to do when you get home. Be present, don't miss what's in front of you. It's okay to let your vacation take priority over thinking about 'real life' for a bit.

 -Take time to do something for yourself-
Along with a spa day in Hawaii, I have some shoots set up, for modeling & photography! Although these are both careers of mine I am going to be doing something creative that I am passionate about. I also picked up a GoPro so I'm excited to try out videography! I'm also planning on eating seafood & fruit, even if it means splurging on lobster everyday! Take the time to do something each day that you wouldn't have the luxury of doing for yourself at home!

Look, if I were to completely unplug while on vacation it would make me have a full on panic attack. But even if you just unplug for a little bit each day while you are on vacation it'll help you to enjoy it that much more. My plan is to kind of get back in touch with bettering myself. I'm going to stay unplugged during my morning workouts (yes no music for me) & I'm also going to be reading some books! One is #GirlBoss & the other is More Than The Tattooed Mormon. Spiritually I feel like I've kind of been slacking or 'going with the motions' in certain areas, I've been wanting to read Al Fox/Carraway's book for awhile now so I figured why not start on my trip?! I feel like reading this book is going to be a starting point in reminding me to keep my habits within the gospel while the right intentions/motivations!

Finally, just some necessities for being in Hawaii. 

Floppy Hat: totally hoping I can pull it off! 
Swimsuits: This cute swimsuit is from Breeze Boutique (We may or may not have a giveaway coming up, hint hint)
Instax: Can't go anywhere without my Polaroid.
Dry Shampoo: Because you know, it's a must.
Books: Because it gives me something to do on the plane.
Snacks: I cannot go ANYWHERE without my Graze snacks! They're so yummy! Use code: LEXIC7Q4P to get your first box FREE!! 



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  1. ill be sure to use these tips as i pack up our house to move!

  2. Enjoy your vacation in Hawaii! Take photos of the spa - that sounds amazing!

  3. These are great tips! Have an amazing, and relaxing time in Hawaii!

  4. unplugging is SOOO hard for me, but i know i gotta do it once in awhile!!

    Sandy a la Mode