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Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's all hard. Every moment of it.

Oh my goodness where to even begin! I have so many experiences that I can write about. But I think I'll just stick to one for tonight. There is something that has been on my mind lately and it's almost hard for me to put into words. 

It has to do with hardships. I cannot even begin to explain how hard, not to mention how heartbreaking it is to me when others expect me to live up to certain standards, when they themselves cannot live up to the standards expected of me. I am human. I have a past. I have things I am working on daily. 

I feel like you shouldn't expect someone to live up to something or tell them they need to change or improve in a certain area if you are doing the exact opposite of the advice being given.

Although I am aware and do know that everyone makes mistakes. We are all human. Nobody is perfect. It becomes a hardship when you take the advice and do your best to make improvements only to watch that person walk in the complete opposite direction. It's hard not to become angry and judgmental. In a way I feel by even writing this I am being judgmental. But I needed to vent somewhere. I think it becomes heartbreaking to me when I'm giving it my all for the people I care deeply about only to receive nothing in return. Saying this makes me feel selfish but it also saddens me because I want others to reach their potential that I know they so deeply crave. It's all hard. Every moment of it. But I know any effort on anybodies end to become better or at least try, never goes unnoticed. 

I decided instead of focusing on others efforts I would take the time to reflect on my own. And in doing so I was able to feel peace about it. I felt the prompting to not only pray for my own improvements but others' as well. And so I did. I think when you truly care about somebody it's hard not to take their opinion into account, especially when there are multiple people giving opinions. I also think that we need to realize how our opinions can affect others. 

All I know is that I can try and I can encourage others to do the same. 



  1. I love this!! So glad you wrote it. In high school, there was this certain boy who did some really crazy things, yet the next day, I saw him blessing the sacrament in church. It bothered me so bad but then my mother gave me this lesson about only worrying about yourself and how YOU are going to achieve exaltation by being completely obedient. Not being judgmental can be a super hard thing to overcome! You got this, girly! You're an amazing example to MANY !

  2. Excellent words for everyone to consider.